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My Color Kinetics RGB LED Lighting Setups

After screwing around building my own LED lights, I decided it was time to join the big boys, plop down some major cash, and purchase some real Color Kinetics lighting for my house. My first setup is a small iColorCove NXT setup in the master bedroom. My second setup is a ColorBlast 12 that I use to wash a wall in the living room. I also periodically move the ColorBlast 12 outside to light up an Aspen tree in the front yard.

Bedroom iColorCove NXT Setup

The only place in my house ideally suited for an iColorCove NXT setup is on top of a wall between the master bedroom and master bathroom. The ceiling is 11 feet, the wall is 8 feet. This leaves plenty of distance for the colors to mix and light up the ceiling above the bedroom and bathroom.

The bedroom setup consists of a PDS-60 DMX power supply, an iPlayer 2 controller, and 8 12" segments of iColorCove NXT. The 8 segments are spaced out over about 15 feet. I originally had a PDS-150E power supply, but the fan was too annoying in the bedroom. The PDS-60 has no fan, but the power electronics do have some switching noise.

A photo of the ceiling as seen from my bed. I normally just have all the lights run together through a colorwash with a 20 minute cycle time, but that makes for boring photos compared to the rainbow above.

On the left is a photo of the power supply, DMX controller, and one 12" segment of iColorCove NXT. On the right is a photo of my installation of the rest of the iColorCove NXT segments. It's kind of sloppy, but can't be seen unless jumping on the bed or standing on the bathroom countertop.

Living Room ColorBlast 12 Setup

I purchased a ColorBlast 12 with the intent of mounting it on a corner shelf in the living room and lighting up the ceiling with it. I didn't like the resulting effect so right now the ColorBlast 12 lives behind some black MetroRack shelving in the living room and lights up the wall behind the shelves. I've also dragged the ColorBlast 12 in to the front yard to light up an Aspen tree. When I have it outside, people turn in to my cul-de-sac and drive up to my house for a closer look!

Above is a sequence of six photographs of the Aspen tree in the front yard. Each photograph was a five second exposure with my camera on a tripod. The aspen tree is as tall as the house.