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Color Changing LED Modules and Lamps

LEDs are cool. I remember buying my first two $5 blue LEDs way back in 1993. (I still have them over a decade later.) A few years later, I bought my first practical LED-based light: a NiteRider LED taillight for my mountain bike. The light was so bright and so directed that all my friends bitched that they couldn't see the trail when they rode behind me.

Now that LEDs are becoming practical for accent lights and I found an inexpensive PWB shop, I designed and built a few LED modules and replaced the guts of several Ikea lamps with the LED modules to make some really cool color changing lamps. Unlike the taillight, my friends think these are cool instead of obnoxious.

Square 17 LED Module

The square 17 LED module is based on the rectangular 17 LED module, but the LED board was redesigned to fit inside the bottom of an Ikea Mylonit lamp and connect to the drive electronics by a short cable. The Mylonit lamps with the 17 LED boards make cool color changing lamps for my bedroom nightstands.

78 LED Module

The 78 LED module consists of 28 red, 25 green, and 25 blue LEDs and the required drive electronics on a single board. The board produces a cool color changing effect when placed inside an Ikea Iviken ice cube shaped lamp. The completed ice cube lamp is bright enough that it produces some ambient colored light too.

6 Luxeon LED Module

The 6 Luxeon LED module has six Luxeon star emitters and 10-degree lenses superglued to a heatsink with a separate board containing the power electronics. This setup is a bit bulky and the 10 degree lenses produce a very narrow beam, but the assembly works well for uplighting large outdoor trees.

Rectangular 17 LED Module

The rectangular 17 LED module is made from two boards stacked together. The top board contains 17 LEDs and the bottom board contains the drive electronics. Other than three resistors, the drive electronics are the same as for the Luxeon based-module. I only built these lamps because I had some left over space on another PWB I made. I use these for cove lighting.

As a side note, I purchased over 500 LEDs from DigiKey in 2004--all for little projects like these.